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 Harpyia Ochsenheimer

 Harpyia microsticta Swinhoe  
Damata microsticta Swinhoe, 1892 [November], Cat. Eastern & Australian Lepid. Het. in Colln
        Oxford Univ. Mus.
1: 302.
Damata microsticta Hampson, 1892 [1893], Fauna British India, Moths 1: 157.
Hybocampa microsticta Hampson; Kiriakoff, 1968: 225.

Harpyia microsticta

The forewings are satiny white with a yellowish tint, faint grey fasciation and a prominent black triangle on the costa at one third, rendering this species unmistakable.

Taxonomic note. Watson, Fletcher & Nye (1980:83) established that Harpyia Ochsenheimer was a senior synonym of Hybocampa Lederer.

Geographical range. N. E. Himalaya to S. China and Taiwan and Sundaland.

Habitat preference. Three Bornean specimens have been seen, two from upper montane forest, at 1200 m on G. Api and 1618 m on Bukit Retak. The third specimen is from Samarinda, a lowland locality in Kalimantan. Other specimens from elsewhere in Sundaland in the BMNH are predominantly from montane localities.

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