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Fentonia Butler

Fentonia sumatrana Kiriakoff  
Fentonia ocypete sumatrana Kiriakoff, 1974: 412.
Fentonia sumatrana Kiriakoff; Holloway, 1982: 204, fig. 30.

Fentonia sumatrana

This species is slightly smaller than helena, a less brown grey, with the forewing postmedial closer to the margin, especially subapically, and traversing the pale subtornal area to meet the dorsum more or less at right angles rather than obliquely. The hindwing is paler and rarely has a diffusely darker border.

Geographical range. Sundaland.

Habitat preference. The species is found most commonly in lowland rain forest, but was also frequent at 900 m (lower montane forest) on the limestone of G. Api and at 1618 m (upper montane forest) on Bukit Retak.

Biology. The larva of F. ocypete Bremer, an E. Asian relative of sumatrana, was illustrated in Issiki (1969). It has a reticulate/striate pattern, variably fine and coarse, of deep reddish brown on variably pale greyish fawn, except for large, lateral, rectangular, sea-green patches over the thoracic portion. It is glabrous, without ornament.

Sugi & Nakatomi (1969) gave Quercus (Fagaceae) as the host-plant in Japan.

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