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View Image Gallery of Family Notodontidae

Euhampsonia gigantea Druce gilesi ssp. n
Nadata gigantea Druce, 1909, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist (8) 3: 347.
Euhampsonia gigantea Druce; Kiriakoff 1968: 44.

Euhampsonia gigantea gilesi (paratype)

43-50 mm. The forewings are narrower than in the typical race, lacking the whitish suffusion at the dorsum basad from the rufous submarginal, which is anteriorly more sinuous. In the male genitalia the uncus is entire rather than bifid, and the dorsal, partly membranous processes of the valves are twice as long. The pair of processes from the eighth sternite are longer, more slender, set further apart and not splayed.

Holotype BRUNEI: 300 m, Ulu Temburong, rainforest, 27.4.81 (Lt. Col. M.G. Allen).

Paratypes: 4 BRUNEI: various lowland localities (Allen); 2 SABAH: Tawau district (C.J.H. Pruett).

The subspecies is named for Dr David Giles, Mulu Expedition medical officer.

Geographical range. New Guinea; Borneo, Sumatra, Peninsular, Malaysia.

Habitat preference. A lowland species, taken in mixed dipterocarp forest and, once, in swamp forest.

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