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Psilogramma Rothschild & Jordan

Type species: menephron Cramer.

This genus has forewing facies similar to Agrius, but hindwings that only have pale bands at the anal angle; the abdomen is only weakly marked and has no pink or yellow bands laterally towards the base. The labial palp has a diagnostic naked stripe over the inner surface. In the male genitalia the uncus is bifid, the harpe vestigial. The aedeagus has a reflexed, short, forked apical process.

The larva has transverse rows of small conical tubercles on the thoracic segments. It is green, with prominent pale oblique stripes that are edged darker anteriorly. The sigmoid horn and the anal segment are roughly tubercled. The pupal tongue case is free but not recurved.

Host-plants are mainly from the Bignoniaceae, Oleaceae and Verbenaceae.

Genital stridulation has been noted frequently in this genus (Nassig & Luttgen, in press).

The genus contains one widely distributed species, a Chinese species (D'Abrera, 1986: 18) and one endemic to Fiji (jordana Bethune-Baker).

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