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Meganoton Boisduval

Type species: nyctiphanes Walker.

The antennae are relatively long and slender. The forewing has a pale discal spot and fasciae somewhat as in Acherontia, but there is also a variably developed dark band from the costa directed towards the centre of the margin as in Megacorma. The abdomen is marked with a dorsal dark band and a lateral band or row of maculation. In the male genitalia the apex of the aedeagus has one or two recurved thorn-like or tapering processes. The uncus is bifid.

The larva of the type species has a conical tubercle dorsally on T3; the caudal horn bears tubercles. The pupal tongue-case is free but not recurved. There are few host records and no indication of strong specificity amongst these.

Genital stridulation (see also Psilogramma) has been noted in M. analis (Nassig & Luttgen, in press).

The genus contains six species, three occurring in Borneo (D'Abrera, 1986: 14).

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