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Theretra Hubner

Type species: equestris Fabricius (= nessus Drury).

Synonyms: Oreus Hubner (type species gnomen Fabricius); Gnathostypsis Wallengren (type species ostracina Wallengren); Hathia Moore (type species clotho Drury); Florina Tutt (type species japonica Boisduval); Lilina Tutt (type species pinastrina Butler.)

The genus has the second segment of the palps with the apical tuft of scales directed ventrad; the apex of the first is densely and regularly scaled on the inner side, with a cavity at the apex on the outer side (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903).

Theretra is diverse in the Old World tropics (D'Abrera, 1986: 194).

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