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Eurypteryx Felder

Type species: molucca Felder.

The species are dark greenish brown, the apex and tornus of the forewing strongly falcate. The discal spot is more or less strongly picked out in pale brown or white. The fasciae of the forewing are variably angled to each other.

In the male genitalia the uncus is slender, finely setose, opposed by a more massive, upcurved gnathus (bhaga). The harpe on the valve is small. The aedeagus apex is covered by a variably spinose flap flexed backwards, a modification of the usual macroglossine process.

The larva resembles that of Daphnis. There are no ocellar markings or swollen anterior segments, but a strong subdorsal line is present over the whole length. As in most Daphnis, the recorded host-plant is in the Apocynaceae.

The genus contains a number of rather rare species found from N. India to New Guinea (D'Abrera, 1986: 152).

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