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Panacra psaltria Jordan
    Panacra psaltria Jordan, 1923, Novit Zool., 30: 268.

Panacra psaltria
(.90 natural size)

The species resembles dohertyi but has the forewing ground a dull ochreous brown rather than grey. The discal spot is pale rather than a dark dot. The series of fine, dark postmedial fasciae is broken by longitudinal streaks and washes of ground colour, and is only really strong at the dorsum. The white apical zig-zag does not bisect the apex but runs closer to the margin. On the forewing underside there is a conspicuous brown streak that passes longitudinally through the postmedial zone but does not reach the marginal angle.

Taxonomic notes. The identification of this species is based on features in the original description and a photograph of the holotype. The specimen illustrated as psaltria by Diehl (1980) does not match the original description and probably represents a new species.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The holotype is from G. Kinabalu. Three other specimens have been examined: one from lower montane forest at 900m on the limestone G. Api; two from the lower Temburong Brunei, at 300m in lowland rainforest.

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