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Smerinthulus diehli Hayes
Smerinthulus diehli Hayes, 1980, in Diehl, 1980: 30.

Smerinthulus diehli (Sumatra; holotype)
(.90 natural size)

This species could be confused with Degmaptera olivacea Rothschild (see below), but has pinker hindwings and whitish bands and markings on the forewing rather than yellowish ones. The forewing apex is more strongly produced, and there is a subapical row of translucent white lunules associated with the submarginal.

Geographical range.
Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. Two specimens were taken on the Mulu survey, in lower montane forest on G. Mulu (1000m) and in lowland forest on the limestone G. Api (250m). It is also known from Kundasan at 1000m on the slopes of G. Kinabalu (Cadiou collection).

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