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Daphnusa Walker

Type species: ocellaris Walker.

Synonym: Allodaphnusa Huwe (type species fruhstorferi Huwe = ocellaris). Elements of the wing pattern are similar to those of Marumba, the tornal marking of the forewing being weaker and more ocellate. The forewing itself is less falcate. Veins R2 and R3 are both present, sharing a common stalk.

The tongue is short, weak, the halves filiform and separate. The adult resting posture is bombycid-like.

In the male genitalia the uncus is strongly bifid. The valve is small, rounded, the inner surface concave with the ventral margin enclosing most of the harpe.

The larva is strongly tuberculated, the head large and rounded, the horn long and straight.

The genus contains one widespread Oriental species (D'Abrera, 1986: 83).

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