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Suana concolor Walker  
Lebeda concolor Walker, 1855, List Specimens Lepid. Insects Colln Br Mus., 6: 1463.
Lebeda bimaculata Walker, 1855, Ibid., 6: 1463.
Suana ampla Walker, 1855. Ibid. 6: 1502.
Suana cervina Moore, 1879, Proc. Zool. Soc. Lond., 1879: 410.

Suana concolor (Java)
(natural size)


Suana concolor (Java)
(natural size)

See generic features and description of Suana sundana sp. n.

Taxonomic note. The species is variable, constant in that variability throughout its range except in Sri Lanka, where the male hindwing is more triangular; the name cervina Moore is applicable.

Geographical range. India and Sri Lanka to S. China, Java, Borneo and the Philippines.

Habitat preference. Bornean material has been taken from lowland localities e.g. Bidi and the Baram in Sarawak and Labi and Seria in Brunei.

Biology. The larva is described in the generic account. Pupation is in a large stout, spindle-shaped silken cocoon.

Recorded host-plants (Gardner, 1941; Pholboon, 1965; Browne, 1968; Yunus & Ho, 1980; Bell, MS; CIE records) are in the families Barringtoniaceae (Careya), Bombacaceae (Ceiba), Burseraceae (Canarium), Dipterocarpaceae (Shorea), Fagaceae (Castanea), Lauraceae (Cinnamomum, Litsea, Persea), Leguminosae (Acacia, Albizia, Cassia) Malvaceae (Gossypuim, Hibiscus). Myrsinaceae (Embelia), Myrtaceae (Eucalyptus, Psidium, Syzygium), Rutaceae (Citrus), Sonneratiaceae (Sonneratia), Sterculiaceae (Theobroma), Theaceae (Camellia, Schima), and Verbenaceae (Tectona). But this list is probably not exhaustive.

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