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Metanastria gemella Lajonquière
Metanastria gemella Lajonquière, 1979: 686.

Metanastria gemella
(natural size)

Metanastria gemella (Palawan)
(natural size)

The dark medial zone with pale discal crescent on the forewing distinguishes males of this species from other narrow winged brown species such as Suana. The female has four pale bands on the forewing as in Lebeda species but the tone is redder and there are no prominent dark patches subtornally.

Taxonomic notes:
The species is similar to the Indian subregion species aconyta Cramer, as discussed in the generic account, but has the more distal postmedial fascia on the male forewing much closer to the more  basal one demarcating the dark medial patch. Specimens from S. China share this feature. The medial dark area of the forewing is broader in Bornean and Palawan males than in specimens from the rest of the range. In the female (Palawan only) the medial area is broad at the dorsum rather than tapering away to stop short of it or just contact it.

Geographical range. Sundaland, Palawan, S. China.

Habitat preference. All Bornean specimens have been taken in lowland forests, one in mangrove. The two taken during the Mulu survey were in alluvial forest.

Biology. The larva and host-plant range are likely to be similar to those for hyrtaca described in the generic account.

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