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Micropacha Roepke

Type species: kalisi Roepke.

This genus includes a small number of S.E. Asian members of the Gastropachinae. The wings are rather rounded and deep compared to other Oriental taxa, having smooth margins as in Gastropacha pardale, the Papuan genera Isostigena Bethune-Baker and Sporostigena Bethune-Baker, and the Sundanian Paradoxopla. The hindwing venation is gastropachine though the humeral veins are weak.

In the male genitalia the eighth sternite is modified in various ways on the more sclerotised posterior margin. The tegumen ring is entire, narrow, with a pair of small lobes. The valves are very slender, produced into long, pincer-like processes in kalisi and an undescribed Burmese (East Pegu) and Peninsular Malaysian species, but divided, asymmetric and much smaller in the Bornean species. In the first two species there is a small cubile but this is vestigial in the Bornean species.

The two Papuan genera also have the eighth sternite modified but differ in features of the genitalia themselves. Sporostigena has a cubile consisting of a pair of squarish plates, a weak tegumen, simple, triangular valves and a large aedeagus with a serrate ventral spur and voluminous vesica. Isostigena has the eighth sternite anteriorly deeply bilobed, posteriorly bidentate in a notch; the tegumen is similar in structure to that of Gastropacha; the valves are simple, a slender rod arising from a broader basal part; there is a pronounced saccus.

Two mainland Asian species complete the genus Micropacha, M. lidderdalii Druce comb. n. (N.E. Himalaya) and an undescribed S. Chinese species (slides 1121, 1122).

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