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Paradoxopla Lajonquière

Type species: sinuata Moore.

This genus was separated from Gastropacha by Lajonquière (1974) on the basis of differences in the male genitalia. The uncus in dorsal view is broadly 'M' shaped, the central portion being deep and dorsally setose. The valves have a simple dorsal process only, but the juxta consists of two processes as in Gastropacha. The aedeagus vesica contains a single row of small cornuti. The eighth sternite is unmodified.

The two species mentioned by Lajonquière are Himalayan, with one extending to Taiwan. Two species with distinctively narrowed forewings and falcate, tornally produced hindwings occur in Sundaland as discussed below, but the similarity is only superficial as the non-Bornean species has male genitalia typical of Gastropacha, and has been described in that genus by Lajonquière.

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