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Melanothrix alternans Pagenstecher 
Melanothrix alternans Pagenstecher, 1890, Dt. ent. Z. Iris 3: 13.
Melanothrix homochroa Grunberg, 1914, Ent. Rundschau, 31: 21, syn. n.

Melanothrix alternans
(.73 natural size)

Melanothrix alternans
(.73 natural size)

The male has no white on the forewing, but a diffuse, triangular ochreous zone on the margin. The female has a white band across the forewing postmedially, and a row of dark circles in the white marginal zone of the hindwing.

Taxonomic notes. The males (homochroa) and females (alternans) are associated through sharing elongation of genitalia that are divergent from those of other members of the genus. The sternal zone of the female eighth segment is elongate and finely scobinate, extending into a deep excavation of the seventh segment.

Geographical range. Palawan, Borneo.

Habitat preference. Males have been taken at light in Brunei and the Mulu area, in hill dipterocarp forest and in wet heath forest (kerangas). The species has also been taken in the Kinabalu area but no habitat data are available.

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