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Ganisa Walker

Type species: postica Walker.

The species are like small Eupterote but with a strong double postmedial only present on the forewing. The male genitalia have the broadly bifid uncus not fused with the tegumen as in Eupterote, and often with the indication of a double central process. There is a broad, planar gnathus. The valve has a spur at the apex of the sacculus. In the female the bursa and ductus are long, slender, the former with a single thorn-like signum. The eighth segment is a narrow, complete ring. The seventh sternite is reduced, membraneous as in Eupterote.

The larva of G. plana is described below. Bell (MS) reared G. postica in S. India. The larva is clothed with appressed dense short grey fur that hides the surface completely. Paler hairs occur laterally and subspiracularly in dense erect tufts on most body segments. In addition, long, fine hairs are scattered over the body, being particularly dense at the anal extremity. The intersegmental zone is black, seen in motion; the spiracles are whitish and visible; there is a light yellow dorsal line and the venter is black. The host-plants recorded were Jasminum and Olea, both Oleaceae, the former being also the host-plant of G. plana.

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