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Eupterote niassana Rothschild 
Ganisa niassana Rothschild, 1917, Novit. zool., 24: 486.
Eupterote niassana Rothschild; Holloway, 1982: 190.

Eupterote niassana
(.73 natural size)

The species is a similar size to the previous one, with postmedials in a similar position. The colour is more indigo-brown, with yellowish brown basally broadly on the costa subapically (crossed by fasciae) and between the dark lines of the postmedial. There is a pale discal spot to the forewing.

Taxonomic notes. Bornean specimens have a more indigo (cf. reddish) tone to the forewing ground colour, with the paler subapical zone on the costa yellower. The Bornean race is ssp. weberi Holloway (1976: 54) stat. & comb. n.

Geographical range. Nias, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia; Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is montane, taken from 1000-1800 m on G. Kinabalu, at 1618m on Bukit Retak, Brunei, and in upper montane (mossy) forest at around 1800m on G. Mulu, Sarawak.

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