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Urbona leucophaea Walker stat. rev.
Acontia leucophaea Walker, [1863]1864, J. Linn. Soc. (Zool.), 7: 49.


Urbona leucophaea

See the previous two species. This is the smallest Bornean species.

Taxonomic note. Externally the species resembles U.
abbreviata Warren comb. n. (Hainan; = abbreviatoides Poole syn. n., a redundant replacement name under this combination), but the valve in that species has a less dorsally falcate apex and an obtuse angle to the centre of the costa. Material from Timor (slide 17371) has similar facies to leucophaea but a valve in the male genitalia more as in dentilinealis.

Geographical range. Borneo, N.E. Himalaya, Java, Bali.

Habitat preference. All three specimens taken in recent surveys were from dipterocarp forest on limestone at 250m on the lower slopes of G. Api during the Mulu survey.

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