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Negeta Walker

Type species: contrariata Walker, Borneo.

Doranaga Moore (type species apicalis Moore = contrariata, Sri Lanka); Nertobriga Walker (type species reversa Walker = contrariata); Periplusia Holland (type species nubilicosta Holland, W. Africa).

The forewing venation lacks an areole and has a reduced radial sector branching system as described in the subfamily account above. The costa is more or less straight, and the dorsum and distal margin form an even, continuous curve, so the wing is approximately semicircular. The facies is distinctive, the ground colour being shades of brown, with finely darker fasciae, particularly a straight postmedial that runs from the centre of the dorsum to the apex. On the costa just basal to it there is usually a white or grey triangular patch. The reniform is transversely bipunctate, the dots being both white or, in some species, with the anterior one black. The hindwings are also brown, duller than that of the forewing but often darker.

In the male genitalia the uncus is distinctly bulbous, sometimes bilobed; the apex of the tegumen is also shouldered or bilobed. The valves are broadly based, elliptical, with a strong harpe. The saccus is short, the aedeagus and vesica narrow.

In the female the sterigma is complex, with a rather heart-shaped, shallowly grooved lamella postvaginalis. The ductus is very short, the bursa pyriform, flimsy, without a signum, in the type species, but there is also a narrow tube associated with it that may lead to an appendix bursae or be the true ductus, as it is the only structure present in other species examined (e.g.
montanata sp. n.).

Most species are Oriental, but the type species ranges throughout the Indo-Australian tropics (see below). Nomenclatural problems involving this and the next genus were addressed by Holloway (1982). The placement of African species attributed to Negeta in Poole (1989) needs further study.

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