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Kerala punctilineata Moore
Kerala punctilineata Moore, 1881, Proc. zool. Soc. Lond., 1881: 330.


Kerala punctilineata

See the generic description.

Taxonomic note. Hampson (1912: 490) recorded a female of punctilineata from Pulo Laut, a low-lying island at the south of Borneo. This specimen, collected by Doherty, matches typical Himalayan punctilineata exactly in facies and genitalia, and is the only Sundanian specimen in the genus, which is otherwise known mostly from high altitudes and latitude on the Asian mainland, Taiwan and Japan. It is therefore highly likely that this is a spurious record for Borneo. Unfortunately, it also throws doubt on at least some other records from Pulo Laut involving Doherty material. For example, amongst the Lithosiinae (Holloway, 2001), Pulo Laut singletons collected by Doherty represent the only Sundanian records of Himalayan species such as Eilema” plumbeomicans Hampson, “Eilema” flavicosta Moore and Lyclene bsoleta Moore.

Geographical range. N.E. Himalaya, Burma, ?Borneo (see above).

Habitat preference. See the taxonomic note above.

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