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Bryophilopsis orientalis Hampson
Bryophilopsis orientalis Hampson, 1912, Cat. Lepid. Phalaenae Br. Mus., 11: 311.


Bryophilopsis orientalis

The forewings are an ashy grey with darker fasciation and a moderate reniform stigma. The submarginal is strong, more or less parallel to the margin but irregular, with a dark mark at the centre of the margin beyond it. The postmedial is obscure but the antemedial and subbasal are conspicuous and irregularly and obliquely curved. Specimens from elsewhere in the range can be more variegated, with a blackish hook-shaped mark running along the anterior of the antemedial and then round the posterior side of the reniform.

Taxonomic note. Material from Queensland in BMNH that appears to match the holotype of leucopolia has male genitalia (slide 16878) very similar to that of orientalis. Bornean material is female, and, with an Andamans female (slide 16988), has a more extensive signum than one from Queensland (slide 16879), though both are very nuch smaller than in orientalis. Typical orientalis from Christmas I. in the Indian Ocean has a browner grey forewing and darker hindwings of a similar colour.

Geographical range. Christmas I., ?Andamans, ?Borneo, ?Palawan and Balabac (ZMUC), ?Sulawesi, ?Seram, ?Queensland (?leucopolia).

Habitat preference. Only two specimens have been seen, both from Kampong Kapok on the coast of Brunei where mangrove is present. The Palawan and Balabac material is also coastal but that from further east is from inland localities.

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