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Giaura Walker

Type species: repletana Walker, [Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Tanzania].

Lophotagonia Bethune-Baker (type species bostrycodes Bethune-Baker, Angola); Orosa Walker (type species tortricoides Walker, Sri Lanka).

The type species of Giaura has, in the male, a strongly modified hindwing with the tornus expanded, crinkled and invested with hairs, and very unusual abdominal features. The apodemes and venulae are strongly curved, the tips of the former bearing what appear to be globular glandular structures. The fifth, sixth and eighth segments are highly modified with both coremata and hair-pencils. The uncus and valves are relatively robust compared with the typical Characoma group pattern, and the black-scaled processes, though slender, are relatively straight. The female genitalia are typical of the Characoma group, but the bursa is small and appears to lack scobination. The type species of Lophotagonia has similar male hindwings but has not been dissected.

The type species of Orosa is discussed below. It does not offer better placement for the bulk of Indo-Australian taxa, so these are all referred to “Giaura” and their features discussed as taxonomic notes. There is also a complex of species from the Philippines (
nigrilineata Wileman & West) through New Guinea (nigrostrigata Bethune-Baker) to Fiji (tetragramma Hampson) and Samoa (rebeli Tams) with rather rectangular grey forewings having (usually) linear subbasal and submarginal fasciae and typical elongate sarrothripine tymbal organs. Also in Fiji occur “G.” sokotokai Robinson and “G.” spinosa Robinson with a more punctate facies and lacking tymbal organs. Fletcher (1957) and Robinson (1975) discussed these groups. Amongst Bornean species, tymbal organs of the elongate sarrothripine type are present in leucophaea Hampson and multipunctata Swinhoe but not elsewhere.

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