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Pardasena Walker

Type species: acronyctella Walker (= roeselioides Walker), Sierra Leone.

The African type species has grey forewings with rather angular, darker fasciation typical of the
Characoma complex. The hindwing venation is quadrifine. The male lacks tymbal organs. The genitalia are typical of the Characoma complex, with long, slender, curved black-scaled processes to the valves. The saccus is broadly based but tapers to a slender, acute apex. The female is also typical of the complex, with the spherical bursa strongly and evenly spined.

Most species are African. The two Indo-Australian representatives, discussed below, are probably unrelated. The Bornean species has, in the male, typical sarrothripine tymbal organs, a more parallel-sided saccus, and an entirely different structure to the eighth segment.

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