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Etanna teleoleuca Prout comb. n., stat. rev.
Nanaguna teleoleuca Prout, 1922, Bull. Hill Mus. Witley, 1: 213.


Etanna teleoleuca

Etanna teleoleuca

This species resembles a larger version of breviuscula with similar modification of the male hindwing, which is slightly more brown-tinged. The costal section of the forewing postmedial is more concave, lined paler towards the costa particularly in the female, the pale continuing in an arc towarads the apex of the wings. In the male genitalia the socii are slightly shorter and the saccular shield lacks an acute apical process, being more rounded.

Taxonomic note. The species was treated as a synonym of breviuscula in Nielsen et al. (1996) but the origin of this synonymy is uncertain (E.D. Edwards, pers. comm.); it is retained as a good species by Poole (1989).

Geographical range. Seram, Borneo.

Habitat preference. All five Bornean specimens seen are from montane forest, mostly upper montane: at 1200m and 1500m (2) on the limestone G. Api and at 1790m on G. Mulu during the Mulu survey; at 1618m on Bukit Retak in Brunei.

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