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Risoba calaina Zerny
Risoba calaina Zerny, 1916, Annln. naturh. Mus. Wien, 30: 190.
obliqua Prout, 1921, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (9), 8: 9.
Risoba obliqua f. philippinensis Prout, 1921, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist.(9), 8: 11.
amabilis Roepke, 1938, Bull. Mus.r. Hist. nat. Belg., 14: 30, syn. n.


Risoba calaina

Risoba calaina

There is slight sexual dimorphism, females having a bluer green ground to the forewing and narrower, more clearly defined black markings in the marginal area. The strongly variegated facies with a large basal black block on the dorsum and a black bar bisecting the apex are distinctive, apart from the next species as discussed in its description. In the male genitalia a very small saccular process is present and the costal ornamentation consists of an unusual, inwardly directed, thumb-like process.

Geographical range. Sundaland; Philippines (ssp. philippinensis); Sulawesi (ssp. amabilis).

Habitat preference. Martini & Thöny (1993) recorded a singleton from 950m on G. Trus Madi in Sabah, and a few other specimens have been taken in the montane zone of Brunei, but the species is generally much more frequent in lowland forest.

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