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Risoba walshae sp. n.


Risoba walshae

Risoba walshae

18mm, putative 20mm. See repugnans for a general description. The male forewing facies has a conspicuous dark discal spot (obscure in repugnans), but the submarginal is less strongly delineated with darker green on its basal side. The female has the apical brown patch larger, particularly basal to the arcuate division. The male genitalia have the aedeagus vesica larger and strongly asymmetrical with about ten basal cornuti and one central one. The valve is similar to that of repugnans but the costal spine extends in a distinctive flange basad from its base, and the more distal ventral process is a very small lobe.

Holotype . S.E. BORNEO: Samarinda, x.1938 (M.E. Walsh), BM noctuid slide 16684.

Other material: the putative E from the same locality.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference.
Both specimens are from the lowlands of Kalimantan.

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