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Proneca Swinhoe Gen. rev.

Type species: fola Swinhoe, Burma.

This is another genus that has previously been associated with
Roeselia Hübner (e.g. Hampson, 1900), but was treated as distinct by Poole (1989). The tegulae, general coloration and venation are as in Sarbena, but the male genitalia have a larger, more acute uncus, a narrower, less robust tegumen and vinculum, the latter with a small, nipple-like saccus. The valves are more simple, tongue-like, with a setose harpe that terminates in a cluster of small, blunt spines. The saccular shield is rather ring-like. The aedeagus is strongly curved.

The female genitalia resemble those of Sarbena except the appendix bursae is more distal and the signa are closer together, one vestigial.

The larva has similar features to that of
Sarbena, as discussed below.

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