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Ctenane labuana Swinhoe
labuana Swinhoe, 1904, Trans. ent. Soc. London, 1904: 139.


Ctenane labuana

?Ctenane labuana

See the generic description.
Manoba species of similar facies have the medial and postmedial fasciae both narrow, entire, with opposite curvature such that they are closest at one-third from the dorsum where a diffuse grey shade forms a bridge btween them. The submarginal is dark, punctate.

onomic note. The association of the females is tentative as, although the forewing facies is very similar, there are small ridges of raised scales on the costa associated with the medial band and subbasally.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The holotype male is from the island of Labuan. A further male (in ZM, Univ. Amsterdam) was taken at 300m in riverine forest on Tawau Hill, Sabah. Three females were taken during the Mulu survey, two from dipterocarp forest at 250m on the limestone G. Api and one from alluvial forest. A fourth female was taken in the understorey of secondary forest at Bukit Atur near the Danum Valley Field Centre.

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