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Dialithoptera Hampson

Type species: gemmata Hampson, India.

The antennae in both sexes are bipectinate. The hindwings have quadrifine venation as in the preceding genera. The forewing venation is reduced by one in the radial sector, with the distal bifurcation anterior to R5, though all three veins branch off very close together relatively basally, and R1 emerges at that po
int, just distal to the discal mark. The forewing facies is distinctive with black and dull brown markings and suffusion on a pale, bone-coloured ground that predominates broadly along the dorsum to the oblique postmedial. The darker areas are marginal and a triangular medial zone. The fasciation and discal mark are invested with pale blue iridescence.

In the male abdomen there are only tergal apodemes on the eighth segment; these are delicate and divergent. The uncus and scaphial setose lobes are as in
Melanographia. The valve expands gently to a rounded apex and has a simple central, rather distal harpe. The saccular shield is trapezoid over its ventral margin. The aedeagus is small, narrow, straight, without ornament.

The female has a conical ostium, long narrow ductus and a pyriform bursa that contains a pair of stellate signa, in form not unlike those of ennomine geometrids.

Nolathripa Inoue (type species lactaria Graeser) is a monotypic genus from Japan, Korea and China which was suggested by Iwata & Matsuura (1967) and Sugi (1987) to be noline on larval features rather than sarrothripine. It has forewing facies similar to that of Dialithoptera, but without bipectinate antennae. The male genitalia support placement in the Nolinae, but the valve lacks a harpe and has a process at the centre of the costa and a bifid apex. The signa in the bursa are more as in Barasa and allies, with two closely parallel, scobinate bands. The host plant noted by Iwata & Matsuura (1967) was Juglans (Juglandaceae).

Dialithoptera is monotypic. The biology is described below.

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