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Aquis Walker

Type species: viridisquama Walker, Borneo.

Bantana Walker (type species albida Walker, Borneo); Dimirica Walker (type species nubifera Walker = viridisquama, Borneo).

See the previous genus for external characters, though males always lack a patch of scales on the hindwing costa.

The male abdomen has longer, more slender and separated apodemes on the eighth tergite. The uncus is similar to that of Barasa but there are no setose lobes on the anal tube, just weak bands of sclerotisation. The tegumen is slender on each side, unmodified. The valves are delicate, oval, each with a basal, exterior hair-pencil, but no harpe. The aedeagus is short, flimsy, with a vesica as in Barasa.

The female genitalia are similar to those of Barasa, but the ductus is shorter, more clearly defined with a colliculum. The appendix bursae is weaker, more basally attached and unspined. The corpus bursae has similar ornamentation to that of Barasa.

In addition to the species described below, the genus includes aquisoides Swinhoe (N.E. Himalaya) and excurvata de Joannis (Tonkin), though the latter is probably misplaced, as may be
orbicularis Walker in the Bornean fauna.

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