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Barasa Walker

Type species: acronyctoides Walker, Borneo.

Ceparcha Meyrick (type species cymatistis Meyrick, New Guinea).

This and the next genus were recognised formally as nolines by Holloway (1998), but the relationship had been suggested earlier by Gardner (1943) and Sugi (1987). They share the definitive characters of the larvae and male genitalia, and lack ocelli. The hindwing venation is quadrifine with M3 and CuA1 stalked, and the antennae of the male are filiform rather than bipectinate (reversed in error in Holloway (1998)). The forewing venation has an areole, however, rarely otherwise seen in the subfamily. The two, with the Moluccan Hypolochma Felder and possibly
Melanographia Hampson may form a basal branch of the nolines. The male in Barasa sometimes has a tuft of black hairs in the costal area of the hindwing.

In the male abdomen the eighth tergite is narrow, with broad, moderately long and closely associated apodemes. The sternite is much broader, a shallow rhomboid. In the genitalia the uncus is strong, simple. The lateral setose lobes of the anal tube are prominent. The tegumen is broadened exteriorly on each side to support a mass of fine hairs. The valves are paddle-like with a simple harpe basally. The saccular shield is present, connecting the bases of the valve sacculi. The aedeagus is short, the vesica scobinate but without cornuti.

The female has rather square ovipositor lobes. The ductus is long, narrow, with a slightly spined appendix bursae arising at its midpoint. The bursa itself is elongate, pyriform, with two opposed zones of more coarsely scobinate longitudinal corrugation in the bulbous part.

The biology of the type species and one other is described below.

The genus consists of the species described below,
vanbraeckeli Roepke from Sulawesi, and cymatistis Meyrick and griseola Bethune-Baker from the Australasian tropics. The status of costalis Hampson (N.E. Himalaya) needs investigation.

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