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Selca Walker Gen. rev.

Type species: latifascialis Walker, Borneo.

The holotype is the only specimen of latifascialis, a male in UM, Oxford. The abdomen was found to be damaged and incomplete, the genitalia and eighth segment being absent. Hence the status of this taxon will only be established when fresh material is available.

The hindwings have trifine venation, and the forewings have lost one radial sector vein. The forewing facies is unusual, but does not accord closely with that seen in typical Manoba or Nola. It therefore seems advisable to revive the genus for the time being, though Hampson (1900) maintained Selca as a subgenus of Nola, defined by possession of bipectinate male antennae.

A female from Endau Rompin in the Peninsular Malaysian state of Johor (in UM, Amsterdam) has similar, but not identical, facies to the Bornean specimen and may be congeneric.

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