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Nola internella Walker
Pisara? internella Walker, 1864 [1865], List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus., 31: 245.


Nola internella

Diagnosis and taxonomic note.
The original material consists of a worn female (in BMNH, not UM, Oxford as indicated by Poole (1989)) lacking an abdomen. The forewing is pale grey-brown with a faint, irregular submarginal, a sinuous, double postmedial, the inner component fainter, and an angled antemedial with a quadrate dark mark distally adjacent to it on the costa and a more triangular one distally between it and the postmedial, both marks with scales slightly raised. It is unlikely that the specimen should be associated with
pascua Swinhoe and quadrimaculata Heylaerts as in Hampson (1900: 13); the postmedial of internella lacks the strong subdorsal flexure seen in all specimens of that complex, which also includes analis Wileman & West. No material taken in recent surveys appears comparable with it (the next species is probably not the male because of the facies differences indicated), so the identity of the species is unclear. See also the original description of analis (Wileman & West, 1928).

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The holotype was taken in Sarawak, probably in the lowlands, by A.R. Wallace.

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