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Nola duplicilinea Hampson
Celama duplicilinea Hampson, 1900: 12.
pseudastigma van Eecke, 1920, Zool. Meded. Leiden, 5: 120, syn. n.
Celama indefinita Roepke, 1948: 210, syn. n.


Nola duplicilinea

The forewings are finely marked and irrorated with black on pale grey. Conspicuous features include the punctate, double (inner element weaker) postmedial that is strongly curved over its anterior half, and two oblique, partially black bars of raised scales subcostally at one-third and centrally. The hindwing is pale grey with a faint discal mark. The male genitalia have the valves cleft only to about one-third, and the dorsal arm has a strongly curved apical margin. The aedeagus has a slender but strongly curved apical spine.

Taxonomic note. Of the taxa brought into synonymy, pseudastigma matches well in facies and male genitalia, and indefinita, based on a single female, matches well on facies. However, the Budapest group has discovered a complex of species for this facies type; the concept here is based on the male type identified by Arctiidae slide 1811.

Geographical range. N.E. Himalaya, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Philippines, Seram (slides 14391, 14396).

Habitat preference. Seven specimens have been taken at 2360m in the summit zone of G. Mulu amid dense but low, mainly ericaceous scrub. A single individual was taken in taller upper montane forest at 1780m.

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