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Nola helpsi sp. n.


Nola helpsi (holotype)

Nola helpsi (paratype)

8mm. In facies and the fasciculate male antennae this species is similar to mesosticta but is greyer, the male darker than the female. There are dark patches of raised scales subcostally in the medial area in similar positions, but the postmedial is more sinuous, less angular in its course, which is more precisely parallel to the margin. In the male abdomen the apodemes of the eighth segment are long, slender and widely separated on both tergite and sternite (the tergal ones partially fused centrally in
mesosticta). The valve arms are much more slender in helpsi, particularly the ventral ones, and there is no setose lobe at the base of the dorsal ones. The aedeagus is relatively much shorter.

Holotype . BRUNEI: 0m, S. Selanjak, 4464.1432, mangrove, 8-9.iii.1984 (Maj. T.P.G. Helps), BM noctuid slide 17675.

Paratype . General data as holotype but Sungei Kibi, 4460.1426, 7-8.iii.1984.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference.
Both specimens were taken at light on a boat amongst mangrove in the Bay of Brunei.

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