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Ptyonota carissima Wileman & West stat. rev.
Carea carissima Wileman & West, 1929, Novit. zool., 35: 20.
rudanga Kobes, 1994, Heterocera Sumatrana, 7: 263, syn. n.
Ptyonota rudanga Kobes; Kobes, 1997: 83.


Ptynota carissima

See the previous species.

Taxonomic note. The abdomen has been lost on the holotype of carissima but the facies indicates it is conspecific with rudanga.

Geographical range. Philippines, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. This is slightly commoner than formosa, taken in several lowland forest localities (Labi and Ulu Temburong in Brunei, in alluvial forest near G. Mulu and in the vicinity of the Danum Valley Field Centre). However, one specimen was taken at 1618m on Bukit Retak in Brunei.

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