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Ptyonota Hampson

Type species: formosa Hampson, Burma.

The forewings are strongly falcate apically, and distinctly fasciated in red and grey, sometimes with blackish suffusion.

The male genitalia have distinct lateral lobes ventrally on the tegumen at each side. The coremata are massive, the valves rounded, rather paddle-like as in some Careini, but lack a costal process. The saccus is distally long and narrow as in Erizada, but not so ampullate. The aedeagus vesica has two diverticula, with several spines at the apex of the larger one and one at the apex of the smaller one.

The female genitalia have a moderate ductus and an ovate, densely scobinate bursa; the ductus seminalis arises from the centre of the latter.

The genus is restricted to the Oriental Region, containing the species discussed below.

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