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Negritothripa confluens Mell stat. & comb. n.
Lamprothripa orbifera confluens Mell, 194, Zool. Jb. Syst., 76: 200.


Negritothripa confluens

Diagnosis and taxonomic note
. The forewing facies is similar to that of orbifera but a more uniform violet-grey, lacking distinctly paler elongate patches on the dorsum; these patches are a slightly greener or browner colour basally and centrally. The reniform and transverse fasciae are distinct, fine, darker, and the general colour of the wing is a darker grey distal to the postmedial and, in the holotype, paler and greenish basal to it in the medial area around the reniform. In the darker distal area there is a diagnostic paler ring at the tornus. In Javan material the basal zone of the wing is not so distinctly paler than the distal one. The male genitalia are distinguished from orbifera and hampsoni by the broadened, rather bifid apex to the dorsal arm of the valve and the more distinctly paddle-like shape of the ventral arm (broader distally).

Geographical range. Borneo, Java.

Habitat preference. Two specimens collected during the Mulu survey are from lower montane forest at 900m on G. Api and 1000m on G. Mulu. The holotype female was taken on G. Kinabalu by Waterstradt, but no altitude was recorded. The Javan series in BMNH (slides 16983, 16987) is from a similar altitude or higher.

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