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Clettharina Hampson

Type species: nitens Hampson, Burma.

The f
orewings are dull purplish grey as in the previous genus, but the venation is of the groundplan type. There are raised scales in a darker, arcuate band, concave basad, in the antemedial zone. This may enclose a basal golden area in females. The male hindwing of the type species has a large triangular zone of dark golden scales distally; the rest is dark grey.

The male abdomen is distinguished by a pair of pouches on the third sternite (the type species) or the basal one (the new Bornean species) that contain scales and very small (the type species) or very large (the new species) coremata. The type species also has a pair of coremata on the eighth segment, but no apodemes. The reverse holds for the Bornean species where there are tergal apodemes. The Bornean species also has a transverse crest of scales between the fourth and fifth tergites. The male genitalia of both species are characterised by tufts of prominent, long setae posterior to the vestigial uncus, a ring of sclerotisation around the anal tube dorsal to the inner arch of the tegumen, and sharp apical flexure of the dorsal arm of the valve.

The female has a broad anal tube flanked by rather globular, well separated and broadly pitted ovipositor lobes. The ductus is slender, unsclerotised, leading into the neck of the bursa on which the rather irregular, lightly scobinate corpus bursae is set asymmetrically. There are no paired scobinate bands.

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