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Phaeothripa Hampson

Type species: morena Swinhoe, Borneo.

The hindwing venation is as in Ptisciana, with M2 and M3 stalked, but that of the forewing differs in having a reduced areole, with R2 stalked with (R3, R4). The forewings are purple grey as in the next genus, but without raised scales and with a pale grey patch on the dorsum.

The male abdomen has short, robust apodemes on the eighth tergite and even shorter and broader ones on the sternite. The genitalia are small but elongated, particularly the saccus which is modified into a pouch that contains a tuft of black hair scales that are easily detached (not seen in Fig. 512). The valves are small, but divided much as in Lamprothripa.


The female genitalia are shaped much as in Ptisciana but there is a globular appendix bursae associated with the ductus seminalis, and the pair of scobinate bands is long, narrow, the two bands fused, but with the rows of rather robust spines still separate.

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