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Ptisciana Walker

Type species: seminivea Walker, Borneo.

snonym: Argyrothripa Hampson (type species lilacina Moore = seminivea Walker, India).

e genus has hindwing venation with M2 and M3 stalked, an unusual feature amongst Nolidae with a full sequence of veins; it is seen also in the next genus. The forewing venation is of the groundplan type, but the facies is distinctive as discussed in the species account below.

The male abdomen has divergent, slender apodemes on the eighth tergite only, these being similar to those of Lamprothripa. In the genitalia, the uncus is vestigial, the anal tube with a pair of thickened bands and a pair of hair pencils. The valves are only slightly divided. The aedeagus vesica has a pair of cornuti.

The female has a broad ostium tapering to a relatively short ductus. The corpus bursae is pyriform, with distal and central pairs of scobinate bands.

The early stages are discussed in the species account; the genus is monobasic.

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