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Lamprothripa Hampson

Type species: scotia Hampson, India.

The n
arrow, rather elliptical forewing shape and the distinctive, rather ligneous forewing facies are described in the species account following.

In the male abdomen the eighth segment has apodemes, those on the tergite closer together, longer and narrower than those of the sternite, but divergent on both. The uncus is lost. The valves are divided, the costal portion being as long as the main part, terminating in a slightly flexed spine.

In the female, ductus and bursa are very elongate, the latter narrow, expanding into a pyriform distal section with two strong but narrow and well separated bands of scobination.

The genus is probably restricted to the type species. Those listed by Hampson (1912) and Poole (1989) do not appear congeneric, with orbifera Hampson transferred
to Negritothripa Inoue, comb. n. and arcuosa Bethune-Baker to Tathothripa comb. n.; L. gilvaria Hampson, represented only by the holotype male from Assam, has not been dissected but has none of the wing shape or facies characteristics of the type species.

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