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Tyana Walker

Type species: callichlora Walker, India.

The combination
of a uniformly green forewing ground and generally white hindwings is shared by all the species. They differ in the extent of yellow and red, violet and brown blotching discally, marginally and basally, though these features are also variable within each species. The distal margin of the forewing is usually straight. The hindwing venation is reduced to a trifine condition, and males have the wing reduced, with a tuft of longer scales enfolded under the dorsum. The male retinaculum is lost.

The male abdomen has only shallow apodemes on the eighth segment. The genitalia are not dissimilar to those of genera from Clethrophora to Hylophilodes above, and the valves have shallow subbasal processes from the costa and a more spine-like structure subcostally or more centrally. The aedeagus is slender but the vesica contains groups of small cornuti.

In the female there is a short section of ductus up to a thickened, swollen area, then a longer section on which the corpus bursae is set, sometimes asymmetrically.

The genus extends from the Himalaya to Sundaland.

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