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Maurilia Möschler

Type species: lubina Möschler (= arcuata Walker), S. Africa.

Mauriliadia Berio (type species obscura Berio = heterochroa Hampson, Cameroun).

This genus is included in the Careini only tentatively on the basis of the swollen, berry-like larval thorax (Holloway, 1998; and see below). The modification of the male hind-leg is absent and the tymbal organs are atypical, complex and can be associated with hair pencils.

In the male abdomen, the eighth segment lacks apodemes. The genitalia have a strong gnathus. The valves are somewhat careine in shape, with a moderate to strong costal process. The aedeagus is short, the vesica small, simple, but sometimes with a cluster of cornuti.

The female (iconica Walker) has a broad ductus but a relatively narrow, elongate and flimsy corpus bursae that lacks a signum. The ovipositor lobes and their apodemes are also long and narrow.

The genus is widespread in the Old World Tropics, and the individual species can also be wide-ranging.

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