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Arrhapa Walker

Type species: frontalis Walker, Borneo.

Reaca Kobes (type species paradoxa Kobes, Sumatra), syn. n.

The two species in this genus are generally similar externally to those in the previous two, with a triarcuate arrangement of the dots in the forewing submarginal as in Calymera; this also serves to distinguish the type species from
Gelastocera Butler species with similar facies, though Gelastocera males have bipectinate antennae.

In the male abdomen there are no setae on the fourth segment or processes on the fifth, and the tymbal organs are less complex than in Calymera or Xenochroa. The basal margin of the eighth tergite is notched, but the apex of the notch is rounded. The uncus is shorter than in Calymera, conical, blunt. The junction between tegumen and vinculum is simple, and the former is not strongly expanded. The valves are shorter, deeper than in Calymera, the blade of the paddle rather rectangular, apically bilobed. The costal process of the valve is very broad, not constricted near the base, directed slightly distally. The aedeagus is narrow, with a few apical thorns, and a small vesica that is only weakly scobinate or spined.

The female (A. robinsoni Swinhoe comb. n.) has a very elongate and narrow ductus leading to a very large, irregularly ovate to spherical corpus bursae that is scobinate throughout, but with a small, horn-like signum distally.

The genus is restricted to Sundaland.

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