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Xenochroa dohora Kobes
Xenochroa dohora Kobes, 1997: 143.
obvia Hampson sensu Holloway, 1976: 26.


Xenochroa dohora

This species has facies somewhat similar to that of obvia, but is less rufous, sometimes vinous brown, with less oblique, more transverse straight fasciae. The male genitalia are closer to those of fuscosa than obvia, having a relatively dorsal cluster of cornuti near the base of the ductus ejaculatorius of the aedeagus vesica. There is some variability in the size of the vesica and the cluster of cornuti.

Taxonomic note. As discussed under X. fuscomarginata Hampson below, it appears that Kobes (1997) has reversed the identities of dohora and his bironga (= fuscomarginata) in his Plate V.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Borneo, ?Assam (slide 17863).

Habitat preference. The species is infrequent in forests from the lowlands to almost 2000m.

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