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Xenochroa argentipurpurea Holloway comb. n.
Carea argentipurpurea Holloway, 1976: 26.


Xenochroa argentipurpurea

This is a relatively small and delicate member of the genus with brownish purple forewings crossed by a series of silvery fasciae with darker purple edging, and a light silvery suffusion in between them. Distal to the postmedial is a diffuse rufous band. The hindwings are pale purplish fawn.

Taxonomic note. The species is probably related to
adoxa Prout (Sumatra) which has less strongly banded forewings and larger cornuti in the cluster in the vesica.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. All records are from G. Kinabalu between 1620m and 1930m.

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