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Calymera jacobsoni Roepke
Carea jacobsoni Roepke, 1935, Zool
. Meded. Leiden, 18: 272.
Calymera jacobsoni Roepke; Kobes, 1997: 102.


Calymera jacobsoni

The obliquely variegated dark purple and silvery grey forewings have an arcuate, paler, greyish mark running from the apex to the slight angle in the distal margin. The hindwings are whitish basally, grading pinkish distad.

Geographical range. Sundaland.

Habitat preference. The only Bornean specimens seen are from hill dipterocarp forest at 300m in the Ulu Temburong of Brunei and from a canopy tree platform in primary forest at 170m near the Danum Valley Field Centre, Sabah. Chey (1994) recorded two specimens in plantation forests and two in secondary forest in the lowlands of Sabah.

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