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Calymera antennata Warren
Carea antennata Warren, 1912, Novit. zool., 19: 43.
Carea antennata Warren; Holloway, 1976: 24.
Calymera antennata Warren; Kobes, 1997: 99.


Calymera antennata

There is some resemblance to the previous two species, but the forewings are a darker, browner purple with fasciation obscurely darker, and the submarginal spots distinctly darker. The hindwings are a more purplish brown than in endophaea and not as dark.

Geographical range. Borneo, ?Sumatra (Kobes, 1997).

Habitat preference. The species is abundant from 1930m to 2600m within a range of 1620m to 2970m on G. Kinabalu. It was also frequent on G. Mulu at around 1790m.

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