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Siglophora Butler

Type species: bella Butler, Borneo.

The forewings have more extensive areas of yellow on the wings, usually basally and towards the apex on the costa, but these are crossed by squiggly lines of the reddish brown colour. The male hindwing may be modified in various ways: an excavate distal margin, with androconia on the underside of the dorsal lobe; a zone of scent scales along the dorsum; a fovea on the costa. The centre of the forewing costa of S. ferreilutea Hampson males has a swelling invested with tufts of curved hairs that distorts the anterior venation. There is no areole in the forewing, and the radial sector branching is (R2 (R3, R4)), all other veins arising independently. All hindwing veins are present, with M3 and CuA1 stalked.

The male abdomen lacks basal tymbal structures, and the eighth segment has apodemes similar to those of Chandica but closer together, those of the tergite longer and divergent. As in Chandica, the intersegmental membrane between A8 and the genitalia is much expanded. The genitalia have coremata rather than hair pencils at the bases of the valves, which are broad, ovate, with a similar field of peg-like setae apically to that of Chandica, but more irregular. The aedeagus apex and small vesica have irregular fields of spines.

The female has a short, broad ductus and a pyriform bursa that may have an area of sclerotisation but lacks scobination or a signum.

The first two species have excavate male hindwings, broad valves with extensive apical fields of pale peg-setae. The rest have them narrower with much more limited, roughly circular fields of darker peg-setae. In
haemoxantha Zerny, cymographa Hampson and langei Kobes the anellus/manica around the aedeagus is broad, darkened and, in the last two, bears two spines; the last two also have many fine spines on the aedeagus vesica.

The genus is entirely Oriental with its diversity greatest in Sundaland, its most easterly extent.

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